Mistakes Commonly Found with Vinyl Fencing Installtion

When it comes to choosing a durable type of fencing, vinyl is considered one of the more popular choices. While it may not be the most common of choices for fencing, it does offer a number of different benefits for your property. As a durable and affordable type of fencing, vinyl fencing is an option to have for consideration on your list. If you do decide on having vinyl fencing, however, like any other type of fencing, there are some common mistakes that you will want to avoid with its installation process lest it causes future problems.

Installation Mistake To Note

A number of different things can go wrong with fencing when you have an improper installation or a less than reliable professional service group. With vinyl fencing, the main mistakes that you will want to remember are as follows:

Shallow Holes

The most common installation mistake found with plenty of fencing types is an improper foundation. For vinyl fencing, this involves installing the posts into shallow holes. As a lightweight material, vinyl fencing requires posts in order to maintain stability. If they are too close to the surface they can be ripped out of the ground by a strong wind or an animal. To avoid this, it is advised to have the holes be twice the depth of what would normally be dug for wood or metal.

Close Panels Lacking Stability

While vinyl fencing can be ideal for extra privacy with close panels, it does not have the weight of stability that other materials like wood have. You can certainly have vinyl panels extra close for your desired level of privacy, it requires extra materials to help achieve this. As a less than a stable type of fencing, you will want to avoid missing any needed materials to meet any privacy and stability needs.

Lacking Support to Avoid Stress and Buckling

On the note of stability, you will also want to look out for is any stress on the vinyl pieces. Though there is not much that can be done to fully prevent the buckling and warping of this fencing, there is a method to help avoid it. It is advised to place the posts no more than a foot away from each other. This distance will allow the weight to be evenly distributed.


The biggest mistake that could happen with a vinyl fencing installation is the material being hammered during the process. Unlike other materials, vinyl is not meant to be driven into the ground. It will cause the vinyl to bend and even break. The best thing to do is to always dig a hole and then backfill it with the ground to secure it.

Forgetting Proper Gate Installation

Gates are one of the different features that you can have added to your fencing but vinyl fencing requires careful planning and measurement from the beginning of your project. Without the proper measurements, you can end up with an unbalanced or impended. It is to have 1 inch on each side of the gate is enough clearance for hardware and motion. You will also want to ensure proper levelling to avoid any scraping against the ground.

How Dandenong Fencing Can Help

Dandenong Fencing may not have a full specialization with vinyl fencing, but by referring to them on how to avoid any installation mistakes and other vinyl fencing needs you may gain a reliable consultation on what can be done. As a group that has worked on a variety of different projects for varying fencing types, you can be assured of licensed and skilled craftsmen that can deliver a fully satisfactory service.


Vinyl fencing is a lightweight and durable type of fencing that can provide plenty of privacy if you wish. If you are planning to have this fencing installed, however, there are different points that you will want to avoid. These include missing any support or properly dug holes that the fencing may need for proper stability and support. Proper fencing needs proper care if you want to have it standing strong for your property.


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