Glass Pool Fencing and Their Common Myths

A glass pool fencing is one of the more unique choices you can make for your pool space. Considered a stylish and elegant type of fencing that can provide an unobstructed view for your pool, glass pool fencing can offer different benefits as a pool barrier. As eye-catching as this fencing can be, the nature of the material comes with its fair share of misconceptions. While there may be a fair few stigmas on this fencing’s safety, there are different ways that they are wrong.

The Misconceptions of Glass Pool Fencing

Different materials tend to have different assumptions attached to them. For glass pool fencing, the assumptions can vary but some are more common than others. They are as follows:

It Shatters Easily

Being a glass type of fencing, the most popular myth noted is that it is a weak type of fencing to have. The difference with glass pool fencing, however, is that it is not a regular type of glass being used. Rather, it is made from toughened safety glass that is typically 10-12mm thick. It is able to withstand winds between 90-150mph. While durable, you will still want to ensure proper maintenance to avoid damage. Even if your glass pool fencing ends up shattering, it is designed to break into small rounded pebbles instead of sharp jagged pieces. So not only can you be assured of durable fencing but a safe one as well.

It Is Not as Effective In Comparison to Other Fencing

As fencing that provides an unobstructed view and a simple design, it is assumed that glass pool fencing is less dependable in comparison to other fencing types. While its design may not seem much at first glance, you’ll find it is more effective when compared to standard pool fencing. With a standard pool fencing design, there is usually vertical rails that have gaps or openings between each rail, allowing some things to pass through.

Glass pool fencing on the other hand, only has gaps at the bottom near the ground, depending on their design. As a type of fencing that is mainly made up of clear panels, it is more effective in providing a barrier for your pool space, especially when it prevents the chance of being climbed over.

It Requires Constant Cleaning

While it may seem like plenty of moisture and stains can end up on a glass pool fencing and needs plenty of maintenance, this is not the case. Rather glass fences only need to be cleaned once every 2 – 3 months. The recommended way to clean it would be to use warm water and liquid dish soap. Once the soap suds are hosed off, you may either let it air dry or use a squeegee to remove any remaining water. In addition to this, the marine grade stainless steel hardware requires zero maintenance and is designed to resist corrosion. Basically put, a simple wash can have a glass pool fencing not require any repairs or replacements.

Why Have Dandenong Fencing Install Your Fencing

A glass pool fencing has its fair share of myths like any other material and different facts that debunk. As appealing as it can be to have glass pool fencing, the best way to ensure not just a quality installation but also whether it is suited for your pool space is with a professional service group.

With Dandenong Fencing, you will find a team dedicated to providing a quality fencing solution that will suit your specifications and preferences. With a selection of services and quality options, you can be assured of a fitting and hassle-free glass pool fencing installation for your home.


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