What to Avoid with an Aluminum Fence Installation

An aluminium fence is one of the more durable options you can select for your property. As a metal type of material that is both lightweight and durable with a variety of styling options. Should you choose to have this applied on your property, you can gain a fence that provides versatility in use and low maintenance. On the other hand, however, when choosing to have an aluminium fence installed, there are different things that you will want to look out for if you want to avoid future issues.

Mistakes to Avoid

If you are planning to do your own aluminium installation project and are aware of what goes into the process, you will also want to know what to avoid if you wish to have a smooth installation. These include:

Blind Hole Digging

One of the steps that are involved in a fence installation is drilling/digging holes for posts/railings to be placed. If you do not properly plan out sections for your holes, you will end up with uneven results or worse, find an issue with local regulations. It is advised to measure the property line around your home to gain a proper idea of the number of sections needed and ensure uniformity for the posts. You also have the option to hire a surveyor to come out and mark the property lines to help ease any measuring.

Cutting Underground Cables

Cables are not just the ones you find on your property. One of the more common mistakes that come with installing aluminium fencing is underground cables being cut. Having such cables cut could be disastrous to your health and ultimately affect the entire neighbourhood. A good way to avoid this mistake is to contact any local electric companies to smoothen out the overall installation process.

Using Dry Concrete

A dry set involves pouring dry concrete in the hole after the post is in the hole and then pouring water over the top of it and mixing it in. While it makes alignment easier, it dries irregularly and isn’t as solid of a connection. This is why it is recommended to use a wet set. By choosing to have pre-mixed concrete poured into the hole, it leads to the posts drying all at one time which provides a more solid anchor system for each post.

Some other common mistakes that you will want to avoid when having aluminium fencing installed is manual hole digging, which is unnecessary labour and post location issues. If you find yourself at any point needing any assistance, whether it be for measurements or getting quality options, you will want to refer to a professional service group.

Why Consider Dandenong Fencing For Assistance

The overall installation of a fence can be a smooth process when you know what to do and look out for but for a quality finish, you will want to consider a professional service group for assistance. By having Dandenong Fencing to help with any fence installation needs, you can be assured of quality artistry, efficient workers, plus superior results and services. What’s more, if you have any inquiries for any fencing project, you’ll find reliable specialists with Dandenong Fencing.


The installation of a fence, especially an aluminium fence can be beneficial in different ways for your property. However, like any process, there are mistakes that you will want to avoid. With aluminium fencing installation, it includes blind hold digging and using dry concrete. Whatever you decide when it comes to having aluminium fencing, whether it be installing it yourself or referring to a professional service group, there are plenty of tips on what to look out for.


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