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Dandenong Fencing Pros has been providing customers with high-quality products and services for 14 years. With our team of trained fence builders, we are proud to offer Dandenong’s finest fences at competitive prices without sacrificing quality!

You only need a few words to describe your fenced in property. But you want it done right, and that’s why Dandenong Fencing Pros is the fence installer for you! We’re skilled professionals who’ve delivered fences for more than 14 years—longer than anyone else around town. You’ll get cost-effective fencing solutions with high-quality materials from us while we deliver unsurpassed customer service during every step of our process: designing an attractive enclosure or customized gate system together; building it swiftly onsite by tradespeople working efficiently like clockwork; then giving your installation long afterwords with expert attention as needed.

In the past decade, we’ve been able to provide professional fencing installation that is both accessible and affordable- as a result, many residents of Dandenong have trusted us. Our experienced builders are happy to explore all available alternatives for you, whether they’re compliant or cost-effective! We value your support throughout this time!

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Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely yes! Once you reach out to our friendly staff, we can offer you a free fencing quote. Please ring us a call or email us to arrange a consultation on a day convenient to you.

If you have the appropriate equipment as well as the knowledge about the fencing requirements and codes of the one you are working on, you can conveniently handle the project. However, if you want to skip the trial and error of DIY projects, you can drop us a line, and we can efficiently accomplish it for you.