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More than just a fencing contractor – we are a means to achieve your dream upgrade for your property. At Dandenong Fencing, we can lend a hand to turn your visions into actions. We guarantee quality artistry, efficient workers, and most importantly, superior results and services.

At Fencing Dandenong, we take care of expansive and diverse fencing needs, including timber fencing, aluminium fencing, pool fencing, colorbond fencing, and glass pool fencing. These fencing solutions do more than just providing security for your spaces. They also spruce up the curb appeal of your residential or commercial property in Dandenong.

Although we have established our services throughout the city, we persistently go all out to ensure that we are delivering an incomparable level of service to our customers. Through that, we have gained the trust, appreciation, and confidence of many residential and property owners in Dandenong.

We never say no to a challenge. Our licensed and skilled craftsmen have approached and handled various unique fencing projects with one great goal in mind: providing the utmost quality fencing solution that will suit the customer’s specifications and preferences. If this goal resonates with you, and you want a local fence service provider to handle your project, seek no further because you can find it all in Dandenong Fencing.

Are you set to have a brand new and good-looking fence? Drop us a line using the communication details we have provided below. For those who have inquiries about the fencing project, permits and rates, ask away because, at Fencing Dandenong, we have extensive knowledge about the ins and outs of fence installation, repairs, and refurbishments in the city.

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Licensed Trademen

We're able to handle all sorts of job, big or small. We're fully insured, in the case where something doesn't go to plan.

Affordable Rates

We're able to purchase fencing materials at much cheaper rates compared to a once-off purchase. We leverage this discount to provide installations at affordable prices.

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Always on Time

We always strive to complete our work within the project timeline. We're aware that landscaping projects are always dependent on various components, so we try to play our part.

Regulated & Compliant

Fencing installations have many legal requirements, which changes from time to time. Our contractors are experienced enough to ensure that each install complies with Australian standards.

Premium fencing solutions in dandendong

At Dandenong Fencing Pros, we provide a variety of fencing solutions. We can install fences and enclosures of different heights, sizes, and materials including glass, aluminium, timber, and colorbonds. Check out our list of services below. 

Aluminium Fencing in Dandenong

Besides the classic timber fencing, various non-wood fencing materials are popular in the market today. At Fencing Dandenong, we provide aluminium fences as a great alternative that offers security, functionality, and affordability.

You may be too busy to deal with the regular maintenance of your outdoor living space, or you want a fence that can conveniently look good as new even with minimal upkeep. If these scenarios suit you, erecting aluminium fencing can be the perfect solution for you.

With our trained and licensed craftsmen, you can have well-built and functional aluminium fencing conveniently. Call us when you are free, so we can further discuss your specifications and preferences for your aluminium fencing project in Dandenong. Here are the benefits you can obtain with this fencing type:

Cozy modern home with glass pool enclosure | Dandenong Fencing Pros

Pool Fencing in Dandenong

At Dandenong Fencing, we understand the great responsibility that comes with building a pool on your property. Pool fencing laws and specifications in Dandenong are very stern, just like other cities in Australia. Many homeowners and commercial property owners who have pools are seeking our help because we share the same goal: preventing pool tragedies from happening by adding a secure layer of fencing around the pool.

Besides the basic requirements in installing a pool fence on your property, you will also have a lot of design and material options for it. Our creative and knowledgeable contractors can provide you with pool fencing that will not cramp your aesthetic preferences and disrupt the existing landscaping in your property.

If you are ready to erect a pool fence for your property, you can easily reach us and ask for the assistance of our skilled tradespeople in Fencing Dandenong. Here are the reasons why pool fencing can be advantageous for you:

Colorbond® Fencing in Dandenong

Are you overwhelmed when deciding what fencing type is suitable for your property? With the different materials to choose from when it comes to boundary fences, considering your specifications and budget can be your first step in determining what will work for you. If you want some suggestions, you can try colorbond fencing and see why many homeowners in Dandenong are choosing it.

At Fencing Dandenong, we have been delivering durable and functional colorbond fencing throughout the city. This alternative is ideal for those who seek a clean and minimalist design for their boundary fences. We offer you numerous color options to decide what can effortlessly blend into your existing architecture or landscaping.

Colorbond fencing is a great choice no matter what aesthetic you are going for. If you are still scouring for the type of fencing to add to your space, you can never go wrong with colorbond fences. Here are some of the potential advantages it can extend to you and your spaces:


What people say?

Thanks to the boys over at Dandenong Fencing. They've done a great job on our glass pool fence out the back. Charged a fair rate and finished the work fast, highly recommend.
Richard McCarthy
We decided to work with fencing Dandenongwith our colorbond fencing project because of their reputation and affordable prices. Delivered on both, thanks!
Michelle Lai
We were recommended Dandenong Fencing by a family friend. Glad we were able to link up, the guys did a great job - came in, gave a quote and they did the rest.
Claire Walker

Glass Pool Fencing in Dandenong

As the summertime approaches, people also get excited to bring family and friends together to beat the heat and have a great time in their swimming pool. If you own a pool in Dandenong, you should have a proper barrier to keep it safe for the kids and pets.

At Dandenong Fencing, we have installed a lot of pool fences throughout the city. Depending on your specifications and preferences, you can pick from various fencing materials for your pool. For those scouring for a viable fencing material option for their fences, you can try glass pool fences. Be it a residential property or commercial ones such as hotels and clubs, installing a glass pool fence is a cost-effective investment you can have for your property. Check out some of the advantages of glass pool fencing:

contemporary pool area with glass pool enclosure | Dandenong Fencing Pros

Timber Fencing in Dandenong

Fencing is an investment that you can’t lightly take because it can be a permanent addition that may either make or break the overall value and look of your property. With all the fencing types offered in the market, it may be a bit tough to pinpoint what will be best suited for your area.

For those who prefer a rustic and cozy design for their boundary enclosure, installing a timber fence might be an excellent decision you can go for. Just like the other fencing materials we offer, our timber fences are manufactured and installed to stay visually pleasing and long-lasting.

If you wish to be extra sure with going with timber fencing, let us share with you some of the benefits you can acquire with this type of fencing:

Wide range of fencing solutions

Fencing Dandenong is your one-stop-shop for all of your fencing and gate needs. Whether you’re looking to protect the property with a new fence, build gates that will keep out intruders or an electric pool fence, Fencing Dandenong is here to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. With a large range of services including Colorbond, Aluminium Slats & Infills, Modular Wall Systems and Glass Pool Fences to name just a few, we can provide you with the perfect solution for your fencing needs. No job is too big or small so call us today!

We are committed to providing high-quality service, materials and workmanship that ensures customer satisfaction every time. We aim to provide a satisfying experience from the first point of contact by offering excellent quality products for all fencing needs; Fencing Dandenong offers reliable installation with an unconditional guarantee on their workmanship. Our team is fully trained in design as well as construction methods, ensuring your project will be completed at minimal cost while maintaining our strict adherence to safety standards.

Fences tend not only to offer privacy but also security and protection as well – especially when done right! The experts at Fencing Dandenong have been installing fences since 2006 so they know what you need in order get your fence just perfect. They’re professional contractors who are skilled enough install top notch wooden or steel gates with expert precision.

A Time Tested Fencing Process

The Fencing Dandenong Advantage

our scope of service

Here at Fencing Dandenong, we provide top-notch fencing solutions from design, implementation, to maintenance in and Dandenong and surrounding suburbs in Victoria. Below is a list of the suburbs we currently serve.

If you live in an area not listed below, contact us by calling our number (03) 9000 0372 so we can explore possible arrangements and even recommending you to some of our Fencing providers and partners like Werribee Fencing and Bundaberg Fencing.

  • Cardigan
  • Creswick
  • Lake Wendouree
  • Eureka
  • Buninyong
  • Wendouree
  • Windermere
  • Lucas
  • Sebastopol
  • Delacombe
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Winter Valley
  • Alfredton
  • Weatherboard
  • Ascot
  • Bakery Hill
  • Bo Peep
  • Miners Rest
  • Canadian
  • Mount Clear


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If you have the appropriate equipment as well as the knowledge about the fencing requirements and codes of the one you are working on, you can conveniently handle the project. However, if you want to skip the trial and error of DIY projects, you can drop us a line, and we can efficiently accomplish it for you.